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Increase Member Retention, Reduce Member Acquisition Costs, & Improve Member Loyalty

Modern member experience requires strategy, technology, and consistency. Data must be collected from members with purpose and then organized in a meaningful way to make a positive impact. With CloudCherry, your organization can incorporate operational, behavioral, and transactional data from various sources to create a single view of a member.

Understanding how to influence your members’ expectations as well as delivering on the overall experience with your Credit Union can help retain members and turn them from one time members into loyal ambassadors.

Create an Omni-Channel Member Experience

CloudCherry provides you with ready-to-use channels such as email, SMS, smart devices, web surveys and more. Create campaigns to send out unlimited email and SMS survey links and start listening to your members immediately.

Get Member Insights in a Flash

Monitor and improve member experience in real-time. Intervene and engage with the member proactively to turn negative experiences into positive ones and ensure that the member is delighted.

Gain a 360-Degree View of the Member

Integrate with leading third-party systems to derive deeper insights, and get a 360-degree-view of member interactions. Close the loop, deliver personalized experiences, discover financial linkages and more.

Map Your Member Journey Like a Pro

Log the story of your member’s experience with your brand and how they move through the member lifecycle. Track and understand member expectations at a granular level through micro and macro journeys.

Predict Member Experiences Before They Happen

CloudCherry's predictive analytics will help you anticipate member needs, proactively tackle churn and drive profitability.

Delivering a Modern Member Experience for Credit Unions Ebook

For credit unions, member experience (MX) is a journey. In this credit union-focused ebook, you will learn why member experience is important, the three pillars of MX, and the seven key steps to take to improve your member experience now.


"The dashboard is incredible. No more manual manipulation of data for analysis. The CloudCherry team is incredibly professional and hard working. This product is highly customizable which is what we were looking for."

Melissa Crowe  |  Senior Director, Quality & Business Continuity


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